10 Whatsapp features you probably didn’t know about

10 Whatsapp features you probably didn’t know about


Meta founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has introduced a number of features on the text-messaging app, Whatsapp. Some of these updates have gone under the radar and aren’t known by many users.

Here are 10 whatsapp features you probably didn’t know about as reported by The Nation:

1. Chat Edit: WhatsApp rolled out this feature in May 2023, this update allows you to edit a message after it’s been sent. So users can correct typos or rephrase sentences.

2. Whatsapp on multiple phones: It’s now possible to have WhatsApp running on multiple phones. This feature allows you to have a primary phone and a secondary phone both offering up your WhatsApp chats, allowing you to send and receive from either device.

3. Send your location to a contact: WhatsApp allows you to send photos and videos to contacts, as well as share a contact or document, but you can also send your location.

4. Save your data usage: If you’ve got a limited data allowance, you don’t want WhatsApp munching it all away. Thankfully, you can customise when media is allowed to download, as well as ensure calls use as little data as possible.

5. Customise wallpaper for specific chats: This feature gives you the ability to select a specific wallpaper for a specific chat.

6. Disappearing Messages: This attribute will make any new messages in a chat disappear after a specified period of time.

7. View once photos/videos: It is now possible to send an image or video that disappears once the recipient has viewed it once.

8. Stop images and video from appearing in your gallery: Sharing photos and video on WhatsApp is great, but you might not want it added to your phone’s gallery.

9. Video Note: This feature allows users send video notes in the same format as voice notes

10. Chat Lock: On Android and iPhone, you can turn on the chat lock feature to password protect your most personal chats. In order to read or send messages, you’ll need to unlock your chats using device authentication, such as your phone passcode, Face ID or fingerprint. These chats will be kept separate from your other chats in a Locked chats folder.

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