16 things Nigerians must do to keep Naira rising against Dollars (full list)


16 things Nigerians must do to keep Naira rising against Dollars (full list)

Sociopolitical activist Reno Omokri has highlighted 16 things Nigerians must do to ensure that the naira does not exchange at N1300 against the dollar in April.

He stressed that patronising Nigerian-made businesses will help strengthen the naira against the dollar.

Posting on X, the former presidential aide stressed that the Port Harcourt and Dangote refineries will further improve the naira against the dollar when they begin operations.

According to Omokri: “Today is April 5, 2024, and the naira remains firm at N1, 245 to $1. Throughout this month, the naira has been below N1300 to a dollar. You and I, engaging in #GrowNairaBuyNaija have put evil N2000 to $1 to shame. If you are one of those who bet against the naira by buying and hoarding dollars, you better convert your dollars to naira before Dangote Refinery and the Port Harcourt Refinery overwhelm Nigeria with inexpensive petroleum products.”

His recommendations of what Nigerians must do to keep the naira strong are outlined as follows:

Call with Glo

Drive Innoson or Nord

Build with Dangote and BUA

Eat breakfast with Nasco

Lunch and dinner with grown-in-Nigeria rice

Make jollof rice with Erisco tomato paste

Go on dates at Tantalisers and Suya spots

Drink Zobo

Celebrate with palm wine

Fly Air Peace over Air France, KLM, or Lufthansa

Shop at local markets

Eat cassava bread over foreign wheat bread

Watch Enyimba and Kano Pillars

See Nollywood movies at Silverbird

Stream Nigerian music

Wear aso oke, agbada, babanriga, or isi agu

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