2-year-old boy burnt to death in midnight fire outbreak

2-year-old boy burnt to death midnight fire

A midnight fire that razed over 30 makeshift apartments in Rivers State recently also burnt a two-year-old boy to death.

It was gathered that the fire incident started around 1 am on Monday from one of the rooms at a batcher estate around the Y-junction area of Rumuagholu, Port Harcourt.

A source noted that the little boy that died was sleeping with his two other siblings when the fire got to their room.

It was said the children’s father, a Man-O-War personnel, who now serves as a civilian security guard, had gone to work when the incident occurred.A source in the area noted that the first child, seven years old, had jumped out through the window when the fire got to the room they were sleeping in.

The source said: “A two-year-old boy died in the fire incident. He was sleeping in the room with his elder siblings when the fire started.“The fire got to their house and there was nobody to help them. People thought that their mother was around, not knowing she was not sleeping with them.

“The eldest child, who is about seven years, jumped out of the room through the window, because their mother locked the door outside while she was leaving the house late at night.

“When the eldest jumped out, the other second son, who is about five years tried to jump and the one that was already outside held his hand and pulled him out. There was no way for then to go back to help the two-year-old boy.”

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