’30’ residents fleeing from bandits’ onslaught reportedly drown

’30’ residents fleeing from bandits’ onslaught reportedly drown

No fewer than 30 persons have been reported dead in Birnin Waje community, Bukkuyum Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

As reported by Daily Trust, the people lost their lives while trying to run away from the community when unknown bandits attacked it on Wednesday night.

The people, in fear of being killed by the bandits, reportedly boarded some canoes which later capsized on the night.

It was gathered that two of the canoes, having being overloaded with mostly women and children onboard, capsized when the people were trying to cross a river to flee attack on their community by armed men.

In recent weeks, communities in Bukkuyum local government area of the state have seen sharp rise in deadly raids. The assaults are being staged by bandits who are widely believed to be hiding in expansive Gando and Barikin Daji forests in Bukkuyum and Gummi local government areas

Thirteen days ago, 15 worshippers were shot dead by the armed men following an attack on mosque in Ruwan Jema community of Bukkuyum local government area.

In Wednesday’s attack, residents said the armed criminals had invaded Birnin Waje community firing at residents. The shootings triggered stampede with many residents struggling to board the canoes to cross a river to Zauma, a community they considered relatively safer, which is located 2km west of Bukkuyum town, the headquarters of Bukkuyum local government area.

However, the canoes became heavily loaded as non of the fleeing residents wanted to be left behind. Despite several warnings by the canoe riders to the residents to get off, the residents remain adamant and moved on.

“The armed men then followed the fleeing residents to the river bank firing shots. At the middle of the river the canoe riders who probably could not withstand the gunfire by the bandits jumped into the waters leaving the canoes adrift. Even though, some residents managed to escape after they plunged into the waters and swam to the shores”

“I can tell you that three children of my younger sister are among the victims. There is intense fear that the bandits are still in the area. This has greatly hampered rescue efforts. It is really a tragedy, a resident Babangida Bukkuyum said.

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