419 Training Schools recruiting  from primary Schools— EFCC Chairman 



He made the statement while addressing newsmen on the steps the commission was taking to stamp out corruption in the country.

The anti-graft boss said in the course of tackling fraud nationwide, the agency has identified such schools where young children are recruited and trained to become cybercriminals

According to him, this practice is also done with the consent of the minors’ parents who are made to sign an undertaking.

He said: “We have what we call the 419 training schools where they harvest our children from primary school. When they leave their regular studies, they close at 2 o’clock; they end up in some of these 419 training schools. They start indoctrinating them, these are facts.

“They first of all ask them, even their parents, to sign an undertaking. They get indoctrinated into cybercrime as young as they are. When they get into secondary school, ‘oh!’

Olukoyede further stated that this practice has been in existence for over a decade but unknown to the authorities or they chose to ignore it.

“That’s why you see them in 100, 200 Level, hacking. And you think they just started that way? No! We closed our eyes to some of these things. They started 10 to 15 years back. We didn’t take cognizance of it. We thought all was well with Nigeria,” he added.

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