Today 9 August, 2022

Passenger plane with 98 on board crashes on houses

There was tragedy in the southern city of Karachi on Friday, as a Pakistan plane of 100 people on board crashed into people’s homes.

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane was close to landing when it came down among houses, sparking an explosion and sending smoke into the air that could be seen from some distance away.

Residents and rescue workers swiftly tried to pull people from the debris as firefighters tried to extinguish the flames. It was however reported that charred bodies were being loaded into ambulances.

Seemin Jamali, a director from Jinnah Post Graduate Medical College in the city, said eight dead and 15 injured people had been brought to the facility.

“They were all from the ground, no (plane) passengers have been brought here,” she said.

Residents close to the scene said that the walls of their homes shook before the explosion erupted as the plane crashed into their homes.

“I was coming from the mosque when I saw the plane tilting on one side. The engines’ sounds were quite weird. It was so low that the walls of my house were trembling,” said 14-year-old witness Hassan.

PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez said there were 91 passengers and seven crew on board the flight, which lost contact with air traffic control just after 2.30pm (0930 GMT).


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