I ‘abducted’ pregnant mentally deranged Woman to take her baby- Suspect

I ‘abducted’ pregnant mentally deranged Woman to take her baby- Suspect

Folasade Adesanyan, 47, has claimed that she ‘abducted’ a pregnant mentally deranged woman in order to take her baby after delivery.

Adesanyan stated that she took the action because she only has one child.

She was one of six suspects paraded by the Ondo Amotekun Corps for alleged kidnappings in the Odigbo local government area.

Adesanyan was accused of taking her victims to a herbalist known as Musbau Jimoh.

She claimed she wanted to heal the victim and take her baby because she desired another child.

According to her: ”I saw a mad pregnant female and I wanted to heal the woman in order for her to deliver as I wanted to take the child.

“I am an herbalist. I wanted to take care of the mad woman’s child. I don’t know anything about kidnapping and I have not collected ransom before.”

Musbau stated that this was his first time engaging in kidnapping.

The suspects according to Ondo Amotekun Commander Akogun Adetunji Adeleye specialized in kidnapping and ransom.

Adding that they would be charged in court soon.

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