Today 5 October, 2022

8 Policemen on a mission to arrest murder suspect shot dead in ambush

Eight Policemen have been shot dead at a village in Kanpur during a raid by the Policemen to arrest a wanted criminal identified as Vikas Dubey, in the early hours of Friday.

Charged in 60 criminal cases which include murder, kidnapping, extortion and rioting, teams of Policemen from three different stations had gone to the village to arrest the wanted suspect but were welcomed to the place with indiscriminate shootings from all sides by the criminal and his reported 7-man gang.

According to a Police source, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Divendra Kumar Mishra, three sub-inspectors and four constables were killed in the encounter, with seven others injured as well.

Speaking on the incident, UP Director General of Police, HC Awasthi, explained that the bulldozer and other road blocks that were staged on the road leading to the village confirms that it was an organized ambush and that they might have received the help of some villagers in the process.

He explained further that once the Policemen removed the road blocks and made their way to the village, the suspect and his gangs opened fire on them from the rooftops.

Police sources claims that the suspect and his gang fled the scene after the ambush and that effort is ongoing to arrest them and everyone involved in the ambush setup.

Among the crimes charged against Vikas Dubey, is the murder of a politician and state minister in 2001, and he has been placed on the wanted list since then


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