80-year-old Man allegedly kills his Wife

An 80-year-old Italian man allegedly killed his 61-year-old wife in a jealous rage when she refused to have sex with him – after he already swallowed a Viagra pill.

Vito Cangini told police he fatally stabbed his Ukrainian wife, Natalia Kyrychok, between Christmas Day and Sunday in the town of Fanano di Gradara, New York Post reported.

He said he took the erectile dysfunction drug when she promised to go to bed with him, but then she changed her mind.

Kyrychok’s refusal led to a major fight during which Cangini accused her of being more interested in her boss and then allegedly stabbed her, according to the news outlet.

He was accused of leaving her bloodied body on the floor and then going to sleep.

The following morning, he reportedly acted as if nothing had happened — ate breakfast and walked his dog twice. In the afternoon, he finally told a neighbor what he had done and asked the man to call the cops.

Vito Cangini told police he fatally stabbed his Ukrainian wife, Natalia Kyrychok, after she refused to have sex with him.

According to police, Vito Cangini admitted to a neighbor what he had done but the neighbor thought he was joking.

But the neighbor didn’t want to get involved and told Cangini to call them himself, Newsflash reported.

The elderly man later told a woman who called for his wife about the crime and also asked her to make the call to authorities, but she too balked, possibly because she didn’t believe him.

Police say that Vito Cangini flew into a rage after taking Viagra and stabbed his wife several times.

Cangini finally called the restaurant where his wife had worked as a chef for two years and told the owner, “I know there was something going on between you two.”

When told he’d never see Kyrychok again, the owner called the police, who found the woman’s body. She had been stabbed at least four times, including once to the heart.

Police found the murder weapon at the scene and arrested her husband of 17 years.

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