80 years old woman raped by man attracted to her since he was young

An 80 year old woman in Phatthalung was allegedly raped by a man who had attracted to her since he was young.

The woman was administered a shot of saline injection and instructed to rest in bed at home.

The victim told reporters that an aged man, about 50 years of age came to her store where she was selling ateamed sticky time stuffed with banana and sweet talk her into delivering the desserts on the condition that he would purchased all her products. She agreed, for they were worth Bt2,000.

She said while going to deliver the food with the man, he stopped half way at an uncompleted building, where he had his way with her, she also said the man took her purse.

The victim’s family are calling for the immediate arrest of the 50 year old rapist.

The Police, yesterday, 28th of July, 2020, said that they have collected footage from surveillance cameras and are interrogating witnesses for more clues, which will hopefully lead to the man’s arrest.

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