Presidential election Tribunal Judgement judgement based on facts not sentiments”

“Presidential election Tribunal Judgement judgement based on facts not sentiments”

Mr Jesutega Onokpasa a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) says Wednesday’s judgement of the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC) was based on facts and not sentiments.

Onokpasa, also a lawyer, said this at a virtual news conference on Thursday in Abuja, saying that the petitioners sought legal redress to President Bola Tinubu’s election victory based on sentiments and not facts.

“The entire court process was a waste of time; the petitioners wasted our time as Nigerians, wasted the court’s time and the lawyers’ time.

“Lawyers should learn from this case not to waste their time by taking up cases without having the proof to back their petitions.

“The petitioners were an indictment of the professional rascality of some lawyers to bring cases without the ability to prove their claims or petitions.

“The position of the law is not sentimental but factual,” he said.

Onokpasa, a member of the dissolved APC Presidential Campaign Council said that many people tried to undermine and intimidate the judiciary at the PEPC, but failed.

He said that the ruling on 25 per cent votes in Abuja which was quite contentious had made the FCT equal to other states.

The contentious 25 per cent votes in Abuja was trying to make some citizens more citizens than others.

“There are many states that contributes more to the revenue of the country that the FCT, so why should the people in Abuja think that they can decide or be the deciding factor of an election by over 200 million people.

“Are we going to create first class and second class citizens in our country when according to law all of us are equal in the country and nobody has veto power over anyone else and our lordship have upheld that.

“The petitioners have completed presented a bizarre petition and a frolic in professionalism this case,” he said.(NAN)

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