About Us

CrimeChannels Online Media is a multiple award winning 24-hour news and media organization which was founded in 2019 by Nigerian veteran broadcaster and business mogul: Olalekan Fagbade. The Company commenced operations in Lagos, south western Nigeria and has since grown to include three other Branchs in Abuja, Ekiti and Oyo states. The Company also has bureaus in almost every state in Nigeria, including stringers and affiliates in other parts in Africa.

Operating in Nigeria’s hugely popular broadcast media market, CrimeChannels Online Media is the first and only thriving national Online Media brand, dedicated solely to the dissemination of news.

CrimeChannels Online Media was established with the aim of cultivating and upholding the highest ideals in reporting News, Politics, Sports & Crime news with objectivity and fairness, as well as satisfying the right of the individual to be informed.

Looking to become an aspiring social media influencer? Our editorial team is fully dedicated to ensuring we discuss and talk about everything – from rare interview to the hottest gossip – We cover it all. Whatever the latest Video, News, Politics, Entertainment, Security and Crime News is, You’ll find it here on CrimeChannels.

Our Vision

To be a dominant online media content provider with a fortnightly glossy magazine published in Lagos Nigeria. CrimeChannels is in pursuit of excellence in delivering innovative and quality media content online.

Our Mission

To practices journalism without compromising truth, fairness and balance. Always presenting the news, interviews and features in exciting ways that impact positively on objectivity, promoting national interest and protecting the dignity of our employees and stakeholders.
We intend to promote the efforts and activities of security agencies such as the Police, the Military, and other security agencies.

Our Core Values

Integrity = We also believe in conducting our business with integrity and with the highest standard of ethics and accountability.

TeamWork = We believe that we will serve our customers (readers) and other stakeholders better when we work as a team.

Respect = We are committed to treating our employees and other people with respect, dignity: in a fair and equitable manner.

Innovation = We are committed to continuous innovation as the best means to deliver value.

Professionalism = We are committed to being a professional, flexible and learning organization.

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