Anger, people look on as disabled Nigerian is beaten to death in Italy

Anger, people look on as disabled Nigerian is beaten to death in Italy

A man has been nabbed by the Italian police for beating a Nigerian vendor, Alika Ogorchukwu, to death on a busy beach town in Italy.

The incident, which happened on Friday, has sparked global outrage.

Onlookers filmed how the aggressive man beat and strangled the physically-challenged Ogorchukwu to death without any apparent attempt to intervene.

The video footage of the attack circulated widely on Italian news websites and social media amid Italy’s parliamentary election campaign in which the right-wing coalition has already made immigration an issue, according to the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, this has elicited anger from Twitter users. Below are some of such tweets:

Tweeting via @IronsideCollins, one Collins Osayande said: “The person with the camera supposed to be charged along with the Italian guy cause he could hv intervene but stood there to capture all the moments,this is the case of two killers.”

@Easyfunk: “This was so painful to watch, that 9ja guy was completely helpless. Such a sad end.”

“Imagine person just Dey hustle to make a living. Shey if na that man kill the Italian man now police for don Dey burst everywhere,” @cherrychila57 tweeted in a mixture of pidgin and English.

@alfred_cruize: “Omo this is sad💔💔💔 If Nigerians start na dem go say we too overdo.”

@keneipheanyi: “Someone was comfortable enough to get this shit on camera but couldn’t stop this from happening 💔”

@abdul_jiggy: “If this was in the UAE or Northern Nigeria the media would have made a huge propaganda about it. So sad when we witness our people snatched like this and our govt don’t care.”

@lamemmanueldCEO: “And here I was thinking that the Nigerian guy probably was having an affair with his lady or something. Just for his persuasion in trying to sell them something he killed him🙄He has to rot in jail!”

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