I am not sick, not dead – APC Gubernatorial candidate cries out

APC Gubernatorial candidate dismisses report of ill-health, death

Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ebonyi, Chief Francis Nwifuru on Saturday in Abakaliki dispelled rumours on social media that he was indisposed or possibly dead.

Nwifuru, Speaker of the Ebonyi House of Assembly told newsmen that the rumour was a distractive tool employed by opposition which felt threatened by his soaring acceptability by the people.

“You are already seeing me; I am alive, healthy and not sick. I never visited any hospital due to sickness.

“The last time I underwent medical check-up was in February 2022 and I am supposed to undergo another one in 2023.

“I will do so hopefully after my inauguration because I am confident of being sworn in as the state governor,’’ he said.

Nwifuru urged the people to disregard reports about his ill-health noting that he had nothing to hide.

“When people start their campaign of calumny, one need not be worried once there is no skeleton in the cupboard.

“My destiny is a threat to many people and I am not angry with that.

“Once you are human and people are not afraid of you then you are not living.

“When someone has something to offer, expect unfounded stories about such person from opponents.

“Ebonyi people have seen that the opposition cannot offer anything to them except lies and deceit,’’ he said.

Nwifuru also dispelled the rumour that he was in conflict with the Catholic bishop of Abakaliki diocese, Bishop Peter Chukwu.

“The bishop is my father in the lord and always guides me spiritually.

“He has not complained that I wronged him and I will never do so.

“The opposition should realise that the people have accepted me and no amount of fabricated tales can change that,’’ Nwifuru stressed. (NAN)

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