Armed robbers sneek into Garki Hospital, Cart-away patients’ phones, other valuables

Armed robbers sneek into Garki Hospital, cart-away patients’ phones, other valuables

For the third time in March, armed robbers recently invaded the Garki hospital, one of the major treatment centres in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

According to Leadership newspaper, the latest robbery attack on the hospital took place on Thursday morning beside Nurses Bay.

The suspected robbers reportedly breached the hospital security by pretending to be a relative of an admitted patient.

It was gathered that during the robbery, the belongings of patients from the ward, dialysis centre, and their family members were all carted away.

One of the patients admitted at the grey ward in the hospital due to pregnancy complications, who was simply identified as Mrs Mustapha, said she was not expecting her obstetricians (doctors who specialize in pregnancy and childbirth) at that odd time, and so became terrified when the incident happened.

She was quoted by the newspaper to have said: “I was not slated for injection or treatment at that time of the night. So, I was not expecting any medical expert at that time. Immediately I saw one of the burglars. I became very jittery and pretended I was sleeping because I don’t have the strength to face them. They carted away my phone, money, and other belongings inside my bag.

“When the burglars left, I observed that my handbag was already scattered. The burglar that came into the ward unzipped and stole all the valuable contents inside the bags. My mobile phone was also taken. I quickly rushed out and asked a patient who was next to me in the ward if she noticed any movement or anybody and she said yes, she did.”

She further said that the hospital security operatives told her that she was seen in the CCTV walking in and out of the hospital, and that immediately the burglars left the Grey Ward, they rushed to the parking lot and drove off.

“I was very terrified. They can steal babies here or even kill someone. I could not raise the alarm that I was under attack because the burglar was armed. I was scared of my life. Sequel to my condition and because the burglar was fully prepared.

“I was also told that the burglar went to the Dialysis Ward and cart away their phones and belongings before she left without being interrogated by the security operatives, ” she added.

In his reaction, the chief security officer of the Hospital, Alex Goji, confirmed the incident, saying the CCTV video footage shows that the suspect, who is a lady, gained access to the hospital premises by pretending that she was a patient.

He said: “In Garki Hospital, we take a zero-tolerance approach to theft and treat all such offences with the utmost severity,” adding that they are currently working closely with the police to support their investigation.

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