Army Captain arrested by Police for rapping 4 years old niece

A 4-year-old girl has been reportedly defiled by a retired Army Captain in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State.

According to a source, the unnamed 4-year-old girl, was defiled by the 73-year-old, who she refers to as grandpa. However, the retired Sold1ier claimed to be under the influence of alcohol and didn’t know what he was doing while perpetrating the evil deed.

The incidence, which was said to have occurred at 12 Edim Ibangaha Street, Big Qua Town, Calabar, was related to the girl’s mother by her 2-year-old brother.

The source added that the man has been living in the north for years during service, till he retired and returned to reside in Calabar.

“He( suspect) had sent the lady living with him to make soup, while she went to buy fish at Marian market, Bassey lured the little girl into his apartment and started fingering her and broke her hymen in the process.

“It was the victim’s younger brother who is about 2 years who told their mother that grandpa put her hand inside her sister’s “bum bum” before their mother raised alarm and the matter was reported to Akim Police station.

The Principal Counsel, Basic Right Council Initiative, James Ibor Esq, who is also the Chairperson, Child Protection Network in Cross River, when contacted, lamented that the continual issue of rape is alarming and that there is a need for the perpetrators of such evil acts to be punished.

Ibor added that there is need for parents to sensitize their children on sex education and the likes in order to be able to such signals at a very tender age.

Ibor disclosed further that there is need to implement the Child Rights Act based on the fact that the girl child is going through lots of things.

When speaking on the suspect, Ibor revealed that the retired officer is in Police custody and has confessed to his sins, and he urged the Police to make sure that the suspect faces the wrath of the law.

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