“Ashewo Pastor” – Woman confronts preacher in Lagos [Video]

Two persons, including an unidentified pastor, clashed in Lagos as the latter carried out an evangelism.

The incident occurred at a location in Ikeja, the state capital.

In a viral video, a woman confronted the preacher dressed in a suit. He held a microphone and beside him was a speaker.

As she challenged him for a reason not ascertained, the man sought to cast out evil spirits from her.

“I bind you in the name of Jesus”, he uttered repeatedly. “Na by force?”, the female challenger retorted.

The duo repeatedly shouted “Get away from here” at each other.

Not done, the woman called the clergyman an “Idiot”, and added: “Ashewo (prostitute) preacher. Heaven judge you.”

She then went on her kneels and continued tantrums: “Angel of God come down and destroy you.”

As expected, the face-off attracted a number of passersby. Some looked confused, some amused.


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