Attorney-General, reveals how Salaries of 273 new aides will be paid

Attorney-General, reveals how Salaries of 273 new aides will be paid

The Ondo State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Kayode Ajulo, has said his 273 aides will not be paid from the coffers of the state government.

This followed backlash he received after announcing the appointments.

Ajulo, who described the reaction that trailed the appointment as an “unfortunate misconception of issues,” stressed that some of the positions were honorary ones.

The Attorney-General, who appointed the advisers a few days ago, stated that the aides would work closely with him to enhance what he described as ethical legal services to the state.

He also stressed that they will be classified as honorary and technical advisers, maintaining that they are comprised of professional and junior legal practitioners.

While emphasising that most of the aides are renowned and experienced lawyers and jurists, Ajulo stated that they will be contributing their quota to the state as a gesture of goodwill.

“Most of these designations are purely honorary, indicating that the lawyers do not have any right to receive financial remuneration or employment advantages from the Ondo State government.

“Most of the lawyers who have been appointed are renowned, trusted, and experienced lawyers and jurists who have willingly decided to contribute their services to Ondo State as a gesture of goodwill, and any compensation they receive will not be provided by the Ondo State Government,” he said

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