Avoid tension, there’s no Federal Grazing law – Senate tells President Buhari

Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Senator Ajibola Basiru on Tuesday, June 15, said there is nothing like a Federal grazing law or grazing act in the laws of the Federation of Nigeria.

According to him, the President does not have the power to use an executive order to revive the gazette on the old cow grazing route and implement the provisions therein.

CRIMECHANNELS gathered that Senator Ajibola disclosed this in an exclusive interview with the Punch correspondent, Sunday Aborisade.

According to reports, there is a plan by the Federal Government to start the implementation of the gazette on the old cattle grazing routes introduced by the defunct Northern Region Government in the 1960s.

The plan, CRIMECHANNELS gathered has caused some controversy as some leaders in the South-West as well as other Nigerians are said to be against it. If the plan goes through, it means herders would be allowed to move freely in any state of their choice as long as the law permits it.

Speaking on the controversy surrounding the plan, Ajibola said that the President doesn’t have the power to revive the law, neither does he have the power to implement it, adding that it not a Federal law.

He said, “The President does not even have the powers to implement that law, because it is not a federal law. The executive at the federal level by Section 5 of the Constitution can only implement federal legislation made by the National Assembly or deemed to have been made by the National Assembly.”

“The grazing route law is not a National Assembly law; so, there is nothing for the President to implement.”

He further said that he has looked into the laws of Nigeria, and found that there is not one copy of a law called grazing law or act, he also wondered if President Mohammadu Buhari was acting on his own will or getting legal council for the Attorney General of the Federal, Abubakar Malami.

He said, “there is nothing like grazing routes or grazing reserve law in the laws of the Federation of Nigeria. There is nothing like that. So, there is no federal legislation that the President can implement. The executive powers of the President are merely coterminous with the powers of the National Assembly to make laws in line with Section 5 of the Constitution.”

“So, any area where the National Assembly cannot make laws, and there is no express grant of powers to the President under the Constitution, any purported exercise of power by the President in that regard will be null and void, because it is inconsistent with Section 1(3) of the 1999 Constitution.”

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