BREAKING: Army, Police arrest people as protests rock Abuja, Lagos

Several #RevolutionNow protesters have been arrested by the Police and the Nigerian Army in both Abuja and Lagos as the coalition protested on Wednesday.

The protesters carrying placards and banners had set out as early as 8 am to demand good governance.

Some of the banners read, ‘Nigerians are sick and tired of poverty, corruption, injustice and untimely death’; ‘Say no to injustice’, ‘Yes to living wage for unemployed youths’.

The protesters, many of whom wore orange berets, converged on the Unity Fountain, Shehu Shagari Way, Maitama, and were about to begin their procession when policemen stormed the venue and dispersed them.

Soldiers and other security operatives also cordoned off adjoining streets including Aguiyi Ironsi Street to prevent the protesters from marching.

Human rights lawyer, Tope Akinyode, said he witnessed security agents beating protesters for no just cause.

Akinyode said, “They arrested about 29 of our people. Security officials made them to lie down and beat them. Even as a lawyer I was harassed. They pushed me around. This is very undemocratic.”

In Lagos, Men of the Nigerian Police force have taken over the #RevolutionNow rally, held on Wednesday.

The protest which was initially supposed to hold at Allen Junction in Lagos was taken to Computer Village area, Ikeja.

Policemen, however, arrived Ikeja around 10:18 am to disperse protesters at the rally which is part of the nationwide protest held to commemorate the one year anniversary of #RevolutionNow protests.

Protesters who were seen with placards with various inscriptions scampered for safety when Policemen fired tire gas canisters into the air.

The protesters who were chorusing “a people, united, can never be defeated,” later returned to have a face-off with the Police.

One of the protesters said: “This is the time, it’s either you fight for yourself or you die as a chicken. #RevolutionNow

“Nigeria since 1950 has never done anything good for the country. We have never grown up to understand what good governance is.

“I did not grow up to understand good governance. They tell us we are the leaders of tomorrow but yet we have men of seventies, eighties, nineties in government. When will we take over? The time is now.”

At about 11:25 Police officers and over 10, Police Patrol took over Ikeja underbridge to prevent the protesters who had regrouped.

The protesters who are afraid of bring arrested ran into Computer village upon sighting the Policemen.

At least, two persons have been arrested in connection with the protest. #RevolutionNow

He was eventually released following pressure from the international community and human rights organisations. Several protesters who were arraigned in court won their cases.

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