BREAKING; Confusion; Several bandits killed as armed men turn guns against each other in the forests

Suspected armed bandits belonging to a group have turned against each other, killing one another in Kusasu Community in Shiroro local government area of Niger state. It was learnt that no fewer than 12 persons where killed in the mayhem.

According to the Sun, it was gathered that the incident happened on Friday, May 14. It was said that several other bandits for fear of getting killed ran away from their camps in broad daylight, as members of the community watched on with complete shock.

According to sources, the internal fight among the group of bandits was caused by a disagreement between the boys and their leader, popularly known as Mallam Dogogide.

It was alleged that Dogogide accused his boys of not giving him his rightful share after each operations, causing him to be very angry.

Mallam Dogogide, it was gathered had also accused his boys of going against their operational rules, by killing innocent villagers indiscriminately and raping married women. He therefore decided to summon them for a meeting.

The leader was said to have during the meeting seized cachet of ammunition from his boys, threatening to sack them and recruit new henchmen for disobeying and flaunting the group rules of engagement during operation.

According to a source close to the community, Dogogide action did not go down well with his boys which led to a heated arguments and in the process one of his boys attempted to kill him when he opened fire but the bullet could not enter his Boss.

It was then alleged that Dogogide and a few loyal ones opened fire and shot 12 of the disobedient ones while others escaped for their lives.

According to sources, after the killings, they went into a village and abducted some persons who they instructed to bury the dead bandits.

They warned them not to divulge any information as to what happened, threatening to kill them if the news of what happened got out. The villagers were reportedly released after the burial of the bandits.

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