May 10, 2021

BREAKING; JNI speaks on allegations linking Pantami to death of former Governor

A top Islamic body called Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) has dismissed allegations linking it and the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, to the death of Patrick Yakowa, a former Governor of Kaduna State.

It was gathered that JNI, in a statement on Friday, said such reports were not only disheartening but disgusting. It explained that it never held any meeting regarding Yakowa when the Ex-Governor was still alive.

Meanwhile, there was an unverified document that surfaced online on Thursday which claimed that Patanmi chaired a JNI meeting where plans were alleged to have been made to eliminate Yakowa.

However, in a statement by JNI Secretary-General, Khalid Aliyu, the allegations are designed to tarnish its image and that of other Muslim organisations.

The statement reads, “The JNI under the leadership of His Eminence Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, CFR, mni, the Sultan of Sokoto and President General of the JNI, was taken aback by the desperation of some disgruntled elements who in their desperate attempt to smear the image of the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy drag the name of the JNI as being part of an alleged plot to assassinate the late Governor Yakowa of Kaduna state.”

“To start with, how could Sheikh Pantami chair a JNI meeting while he was not one of its leaders either at the National or state levels? What could have necessitated the combination of Bauchi, Plateau, Niger and Kaduna states from different geo-political zones in the meeting? If Yakowa was vehemently hated by the Muslims and were desperately trying to ‘get rid’ of him. How did he win the 2011 elections in a Muslim dominated state of Kaduna where a Muslim-Muslim ticket recently sailed through? Who voted him in?”

“The so-called pieces of minutes shared by the media to further confuse and manipulate an average Nigerian’s mind into believing this orchestrated lie has further confirmed the desperation of the perpetrators. It is very perplexing and heart-rending that minutes of an assassination plot could be written and kept. How disheartening and disgusting.”

“We thought the plot against Sheikh Pantami is politically motivated, but surprisingly it is assuming to be a more sinister dimension born out of a well thought-out scheme designed to smear and tarnish the image and the good name of the JNI and other Muslim organizations.”

“Considering the various concerns raised by many citizens, vis’-a’- vis the attendant consequence of the scandalous allegation, we wish to place on record and for posterity that such never occurred and the JNI does not operate in such a dubious manner. We are at loss as to why is this allegation coming up just now, many years after the demise of Mr Yakowa?”

It called on the Nigeria Police to investigate the matter, adding that those who spew such lies about the organization should be brought to books.

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  1. Shehu Mohd Aliyu Reply

    The identity of people behind criminal activities in Nigeria is about to be exposes. The perpetrators claimed that Sheikh Pantami is supporting terror organization, a day after FG make it stand known to public that Pantami is free from the allegations, now they further claim that he is also part of these who killed Patrick Yakawo, a former Governor of kaduna state. All the allegations are attributed to the effort his ministry put in place to Link the Sim card of every Nigerian with NIN. Which doing so will exposes any criminal that uses network to commit crime.

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