Community reveals why they built Police Station in 70 days

Residents of Makogi, in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State, have expressed their happiness, for the construction of a Police station within the community.

Recall that members of the community have been facing insecurity issues overtime, ranging from armed bandits to other crime issues. Due to the far distance between the community and the nearest Police station, which is about 17km to Makoji, the members of the community decided to build a Police station within their community, in a bid to get swift response to distress calls.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Kenneth Ebrimson, later commissioned the Makogi Police Station on June 10, 2020 and it is now seen by the residents as a formidable unit that can promptly respond to distress calls and nip many crimes in the bud.

Speaking to journalists on the development, the Chairman of Makogi Area Community Development Committee, Mr Rotimi Afolabi, explained that the distance between the community and Ibafo police station prompted them to complete the station within 70 days, after a family gave them a land for free.

“Ibafo Police Station is about 17 kilometres to our community. There are many unreported criminal cases because of the distance. Miscreants take the law into their hands.  Sometime ago, there was a serious fight between Yoruba and Hausa there. That was one of the reasons we came together to put up the police station.

“We built it within 70 days through voluntary donations by residents after Ogunseye family gave us the land free of charge. There was a day kidnappers trailed a resident to the community. He was kidnapped in front of his house and whisked away.

“They dropped him off and went away with the vehicle. There was also a time that about 10 houses were burgled in the community every Sunday. Within one week that the station started operating, over 20 incidents have been reported at the station.”

He explained further that since the inauguration of the station, corporate organisations have been showing interest to bring their business to the community as it is presumed that there would be security to protect such business.

Speaking on the development as well, the community’s vice chairman, Alhaji Owolabi Akeem, who is also the head of the security committee, disclosed that the project was conceived five years ago due to the level of insecurity in the land.

He explained further that the community had to resolve to make use of a vigilance group, Social Orientation and Safety Corps at first, but since the community started developing, they knew that they need to devise other means in order to curb the insecurity issues.

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