BREAKING; Nigerian Troops kill two Boko Haram Commanders in fresh Military ambush

The Nigerian Military troops in collaboration with the Multi-Joint Taskforce (MNJTF) on Friday eliminated two terrorists’ Commanders Alai Bor and Maleum Modu and other Boko Haram fighters at different locations in Borno State.

According to a Military intelligence source, Nigerian troops with the support of MNJTF eliminated Alai Bor, a leader of Boko Haram in Buwari village in Bama while attempting to cross Gwoza-Pulka Highways with six other terrorists in his entourage.

He went further to disclose that the other terrorists’ commander, Maleum Modu and three Boko Haram fighters were gunned down by the Nigerian troops while the terrorists were conducting surveillance around the Mafa axis. Items recovered from the terrorists included motorcycles and weapons.

Meanwhile, in another development, there was confusion in Shura (consultation) Council of the Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP), over the appointment of one Abu Dawud as its new leader after some militant forces in what appeared as a coup d’etat’ overthrew Amir Abbah-Gana at Tumbum Kayowa.

According to reports, Abbah Gana, was overthrown following a mass protest against the lopsided appointment of one Aliyu Chakkar as the new “Governor of the Lake Chad”. Chakkar replaced one Goni Maina, a former Commander.

It was learnt that bloody gunfire between militants forces supporting the factional “Governors”, led to the death of dozens of insurgents.

Before the appointment of Abu Dawud, one Amir Goni Mustapha was appointed as Acting Leader, and Chief Imam of the ISWAP sect for three weeks, while awaiting the decision of the Shura Council.

The reason for the dissolution, according to the Shura Council, include, but not limited to the loss of territories as a result of the offensives launched by the Nigerian Army; Air Force; Chadian Army, Nigerian forces and the regional Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) troops, under Abbah-Gana’s watch.

It was also gathered that series of air raids and merciless operations by ground troops of the Nigerian military, under “Operation TURA TAKAIBANGO, a
subsidiary operation in the North East, have eliminated many Boko Haram/ISWAP
terrorists in the Lake Chad region, even as other dozen terrorists and their families have fled the region.

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