Deaf and dumb Man allegedly murders 11-year-old Niece in Lagos

Deaf and dumb Man allegedly murders 11-year-old Niece in Lagos

A deaf and dumb man has reportedly raped his 11-year-old niece to death in the Alimosho area in Lagos.

Sources within the family said the man has consistently defiled the little girl and her elder sister, who live with their grandmother in Lagos.

It was gathered that the persistent sexual abuse from the man and its complications made the girl to fall sick and eventually died on March 22 at a hospital.

Before her death, the girl, in a video recording, revealed that her uncle, Peter, was responsible for her plight.

According to her, her ordeal began when she caught her deaf and dumb uncle molesting her elder sister.

Surprisingly, her elder sister told their uncle to do the same to the girl so that she won’t speak out.

Her aunt drew the attention of Mr. Ebenezer Omejalille, Coordinator of Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN) to the issue.

He said: “Peace was very sick for some time while she was still with her grandmother.

“When her grandmother realised she could no longer cope with her deteriorating health condition, she reached out to me.

“So I took her in on March 20. While she was with me I discovered she had been severely sexually abused when she excreted on herself.

“I had to pet her for her to open up. Eventually, she opened up to me about how her uncle would always molest her.”

Lamenting the rise in domestic violence and sexual abuse of girls despite efforts by government and rights groups to halt the menace, Ebenezer Omejalille, Coordinator of ACVPN, called for the immediate arrest of the perpetrator.

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