Today23 May, 2022

Deborah Samuel; Ex-IGP’s Son defends killing of blasphemers

Deborah Samuel; Ex-IG of Police’s Son defends killing of blasphemers

Despite the huge public backlash that has greeted the killing of a Sokoto State Student named Deborah Samuel over alleged blasphemy,
Captain Jamil Abubakar, the son of a former Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, has spoken in defence of the killing of blasphemers in the country.

Jamil, who is an experienced pilot and President of JMD Foundation, a non-profit organisation, said this in a tweet on Friday night.

He argued that all religions frown at blasphemy and warned people to respect the beliefs of others.

He tweeted, “In Islam we respect the Injil, Taura, Zabur, we were never taught to disrespect any of the book, or any of the prophets From Adam to Muhammad SAW and the Quran.

“The punishment for blasphemy is death! in most religions including Christianity. Respect people’s religion. It’s simple!”


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