Today 2 December, 2021

My Party devalued me but APC approached me with tangible offer – Dep Gov opens up

The Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Nkem Okeke has narrated how he was devalued by the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), hence his defection to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Okeke stated this during a press briefing in Awka, the State capital, on Friday.

He said, “I am a Technocrat, I want to partner the centre leadership to serve my country in a way to leave legacy for my children like my father did for me. I want posterity to remember me for good,” he said.

“I have heard people asking me to resign, but I will never resign. The decision I made to join the APC is in my interest, the interest of my family and also in the best interest of members of my constituency, Njikoka, who I represent.

“I have people who have advised me that the position I hold is not for me alone, but for the people of my constituency, so I represent them.

“I was elected on the same ticket with the Governor of Anambra State, and I did not beg him to choose me as his running mate for a second time. It was he who came to me and said I will run with him for a second term and we won.

“I would not resign from the APGA-led government and would remain in office as Deputy Governor till the end of the tenure on March 17, 2022.”

“We have a crop of seasoned professionals in the state assembly who cannot look away for any price to ruin the peace and revert the state to anarchy,” he said.

“It is my political right to seek relief if I am choked. What matters the most is my service to my people and the country in general.

“APGA devalued me all the years I have been in the party; I am an accidental politician. I do not believe to operate on demerits, so people who priced me off the shelf with tangible offer approached me, it is not my fault.”


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