“Detaining Naira Marley without evidence, a violation of his fundamental human rights”

“Detaining Naira Marley without evidence, a violation of his fundamental human rights”

A sister to famous singer Azeez Fashola, known as Naira Marley, Shubomi, has protested that the detention of his brother without evidence is a violation of his fundamental human right as a Nigerian.

According to The PUNCH, a Magistrate Court had remanded Naira Marley and associate Sam Larry in police custody pending the completion of the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death.

Netizens have continued to seek justice for MohBad’s death, promising that the injustice he allegedly suffered in Naira Matrley’s hands will not be overlooked.

Lamenting the situation in an Instagram post on Saturday, Shubomi stated that there is no evidence proving her brother’s involvement in Mohbad’s death and his continuous detention is mainly to appease the public.

Shubomi added that detaining her brother this long without evidence violates his human rights.

She wrote, “Keeping someone who willingly traveled back to help in detention for nearly 30 days, with no charge, no evidence, no sufficient witness is a violation of his human rights. Keeping him in custody to appease social media and the internet mob is crazy.

“If you have evidence against him for anything he’s been accused of, charge him! But if you don’t release him. It shouldn’t take this long for the investigation to be done.

“We all want the truth! We all want justice. What is the delay? We’ve already lost one person, trying to lynch another is not going to bring about justice.”

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