Domestic worker reportedly kills employer with pestle

Domestic worker reportedly kills employer with pestle

Police operatives in Anambra State have arrested a yet-to-be-identified domestic servant for allegedly killing his employer with a pestle during an argument.

According to The PUNCH, the deceased said to be a lecturer at the Psychology Department of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, was attacked with the pestle when a fight ensued between him and the domestic servant.

It was gathered that the incident happened on Friday night at Ifite village in Awka, the Anambra State capital.

A video currently circulating on social media, showed the suspect as he confessed to having killed the lecturer with a pestle.

The suspect also confessed that he hit the deceased with the pestle about three times before he fell to the ground.

He said, “When he came back, he told me to cook rice. And as I was cooking the rice, he asked me why I did not wash plates. I did not reply. He then asked why I wasn’t responding to his question.

“In the process, he slapped me. But I told him I usually have ear problems, and that people don’t slap me. As I was saying that, he angrily asked if I was still talking while he was talking. And therefore, he slapped me again and brought out Cain and started flogging me all over.

“Then in the process, I got angry, and we started fighting. It was also in the process of that fight that I picked up the pestle in the kitchen and hit him on the head.”

During interrogation, the suspect who first denied killing his master, later confessed to the crime after he was thoroughly beaten when his moves became suspicious.

A family source said, “While friends and relatives of the deceased were taking him to the hospital that night for medical attention after the encounter, the suspect was attempting to choke him to death right inside the vehicle where he was sitting close to him allegedly to conceal his atrocious acts.

“It was in the process that we discovered what was going on and therefore we started suspecting him. As that was going on also, the victim who was still alive then, used his last strength to mention the suspect’s name, before he finally gave up the ghost.”

“In his confessions, the suspect first said that it was the girlfriend of the deceased who visited him that night that attacked him. However, he eventually confessed that he was the person who killed him with a pestle.”

The suspect was also said to have bruised the deceased’s body with a knife after he became unconscious to make it look as if he was attacked by a third party.

As of press time, an official confirmation of the incident could not be obtained as the state police spokesperson, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, said there was no report of the incident before him when contacted.

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