Drama as residents mistake Airforce helicopter for bandits

Drama as residents mistake Airforce helicopter for bandits

Residents of Kakuri, Nasarawa, Kurmi Gwari, Angwan Tarke, and Romi in Kaduna fled their homes on Tuesday after hearing the sound of a helicopter flying overhead.

The residents who were said to be initially busy with their daily routines took cover, fearing that the bandits had devised another method to attack them.

They claimed they could no longer trust anyone, including the government or security forces, adding that the majority of the attacks were backed by some of the country’s most powerful people.

Shuaibu Murtala, a Kurmi Gwari resident, stated that helicopters frequently fly past to the north or south.

He claimed that when they heard the helicopter, some residents who were outside left what they were doing and ran into their homes for fear of being attacked.

He stated that they have always expressed concern about bandits attacking them with helicopters.

Another resident, Maryam Yusufu, stated that they have heard numerous stories of helicopter attacks or the Air Force mistakenly bombarding villages, killing innocent people who they mistook for terrorists.

“I don’t know what these people are looking for all the time, around our environment, because we aren’t close to the forest,” said John Bulus, a Sabon Tasha resident.

He said that whenever he hears the sound of a helicopter, he gets jittery and looks for a place to hide for fear of being attacked.

Mrs. Juliana Moses, a housewife and resident of Kakuri, also stated that the state government should always keep them informed of any action taken against bandits and terrorists.

According to her, due to the volatile nature of Kaduna State, residents should always be informed about the happenings.

The Nigeria Airforce Public Relations Officer did not pick his calls to react to the incident.

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