Drivers protesting extortion, illegal checkpoints block expressway with their trucks

Drivers protesting extortion, illegal checkpoints block expressway with their trucks

There was pandemonium on Sunday at the boundary between Taraba and Benue States as Truck drivers halted the free flow of vehicular movements.

The drivers, who used their trucks to block the highway, preventing free flow of vehicles, were protesting extortion by security personnel manning the roads.

Their grouse, as observed by DAILY POST correspondent, is the alleged illegal checkpoints on the roads, which they claimed was telling negatively on them.

Admitting that the ongoing extortion on the highways was contributing to the high cost of food items, especially grains and other valuables, they called on both the States, as well as the Federal governments, to as a matter of urgency, call the security personnel to order.

Narrating their ordeal in the hands of the security personnel, one of the truck drivers, Idi Adamu, said “the amount we are being charged by the various security agencies in each of the checkpoints is alarming.”

Adamu, who said the charges varied from one checkpoint to another, also expressed concern at the growing rates of illegal checkpoints in Taraba/Benue roads.

Claiming that they spent more than a hundred thousand on fully loaded trucks at checkpoints before getting to their final destinations, the situation, according to him “is becoming unbearable to us.”

“We have collectively agreed to block this major road with our trucks today, in order to protest the way we are being extorted by security men,” he said.

He blamed the high cost of goods, especially food items in Taraba and Benue markets and the country, on the ongoing extortion.

Another truck driver, Suleiman Bagudu, who admitted that they are all fed up with the attitudes “of our security personnel on the highways”, said “most of the truck accidents on the roads are caused by them.”

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