Entrance Exam: Govt makes Bible Knowledge compulsory for Muslim Students – Group alleges

Entrance Exam: Govt made Bible Knowledge compulsory for Muslim Students – Group alleges

The Lagos State Ministry of Education has been accused by the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) of inserting Bible knowledge questions in the 2022 entrance examination for Lagos State public schools.

Prof. Ishaq Akintola, Director of MURIC, made the allegation in a statement issued on Tuesday.

He claimed that the change gave Christian candidates an advantage over their Muslim counterparts while putting Muslim candidates at a disadvantage because they are almost certain to miss those questions, despite the fact that they were also made mandatory.

“Our office has been inundated by reports of strange questions in a general paper set for the Lagos State Primary Six Placement Test into JSS 1 in Lagos secondary schools held on Saturday, 23rd July, 2022. The reference number on the question paper was LSA/PT/2022.

“Although the paper was captioned English Studies/Verbal Reasoning/General Paper, questions 12 and 14 were from the Bible and only Christian candidates could have made head or tail of them. These two questions were designed for Muslims to fail,” Akintola said.

The questions, he claims, were designed to upset Muslim students and cause them to lose confidence in themselves, resulting in confusion, frustration, and ultimately failure.

“The caption of that paper should have been ‘Common Entrance in Lagos State…Muslims Come and Fail’. Question number 12 which is an objective, says, ‘Paul was born in a city called …Tarsus…Jerusalem…Jordan…Bethel. Candidates were expected to pick one of the four options. But how on earth is a Muslim candidate expected to know what to pick?

“Ditto for question number 14 which reads ‘The English Bible was translated into Yoruba language by …Pastor Joseph Ayo Babalola…Bishop Benson Idahosa…Pastor Enoch Adeboye … Bishop Ajayi Crowther.

“This is parochial, provocative and unacceptable. This is another proof of the Christianisation of the education sector in Lagos State. How can anyone defend this? It is scandalous. Who set these obnoxious questions? Who proofread and supervised the examination? Who approved the questions? Heads must roll,” Akintola said.

He lamented that this was not surprising, given that all six tutor generals in the state are Christians and the state government has refused to listen to Muslim calls to end its exclusivism.

He said, “We had three Christians and three Muslims in the days of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Raji Fashola. Muslims were removed under Ambode and the incumbent has refused to listen to complaints from the Muslim Community.

“The Muslim candidates have been put on a tight rope because the instruction on top of the question paper says ‘Attempt all questions.’ This means that anyone who jumps those two biblical questions does so at his or her own risk.”

He also claimed that Lagos Muslims pay taxes like Christians, and questioned why they are “relegated as third-class citizens.”

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