Ex-IGP on Kyari: “He was doing well before, I nominated him for double promotion”

Ex-IGP on Kyari: “He was doing well before, I nominated him for double promotion”

In view of the ongoing drug deal scandal which the suspended police super cop, DSP Abba Kyari, has been caught in, a former Inspector General of Police, Dr Mike Mbama Okiro, has urged the Nigerian Police Force to always watch after the character of their officers and not just their performances on the field.

Okiro, who was in charge of the PSC when the embattled commander of the police Intelligence Response Team (IRT), Kyari, was graciously given double promotion, expressed disappointment at the shameful slide his career has taken.

He made this known while bearing his mind on the ongoing ugly situation of the suspended cop in an interview with the Vanguard newspapers recently.

He said: “I feel highly disappointed. He was doing very well as an officer and this earned him double promotion when I was the Chairman of Police Service Commission. However, we were unable to look at his character. We were only looking at his performance on the job.

“I nominated him for a special promotion at the Police Service Commission, and that has nothing to do with character, and when we are appointing, we are not looking at character, we are looking at performance at the job, but what is unfolding now is actually disgraceful and shameful.”

When asked what he thought went wrong, he said: “I can’t say what went wrong, it is an individual trait, maybe he could not dissociate himself from his original way of behaviour, and went ahead to do what he was not supposed to do. A law enforcer cannot offend the law when it is his job to defend the law.”

He further blamed the suspended cop for the ugly situation, exonerating the force headquarters from his shambles of failures.

“I won’t call it a systemic failure, it is an individual failure, and it was what he chose to do himself. For an officer to commit the offence, they don’t do it in the open, they hide it from the probing eyes of the law enforcement agency, and it is not until they are caught or arrested before they know their character traits. So, it is not a systemic thing, it is an individual failure, ” he observed.

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