May 10, 2021

Extra; ‘7,200 Penises’ at the Port; House of Representatives probe Human organ trade

Nigerian House of representatives Committee on Security and Human Rights is set to investigate accusation of trade in human organs, after an allegation that China seized a cargo ship that sailed from Nigeria with 7,200 refrigerated penises.

The story behind the allegation has since been determined fake news by fact checks.

Two representatives, Rimamnde Shawulu Kwewum and Olajide Olatubosun, sponsored the motion during plenary on Thursday.

The lawmakers have linked growing cases of missing persons, ritual killings and human trafficking out of Nigeria to the Shanghai Port, called Red Market, where the refrigerated penises were packed in 36 boxes and labelled as plantain.

“About two weeks ago, acting on the information provided by an anonymous source, Chinese Authorities seized a cargo ship that sailed from Nigeria with 7,200 refrigerated penises, which were found in 36 boxes labelled as plantain on the ship that harboured at the Shanghai port called Red Market,” they stated.

But the allegations come from a satire website and has been debunked as fake.

The story was first published on March 19 by World News Daily Report, according to a fact check by AFP.

It has been shared nearly 700 times on Facebook and reposted by online news sites including Naija Tell, The Podium, Gbetu TV, Town Crier and Sundiata Post.

This article surfaced about a year after AFP Fact Check debunked a different story from the same satirical website, whose slogan is “facts don’t matter”.

AFP Fact Check found that the recent article from WNDR was shared online by several social media accounts known for promoting the activities of Nigeria’s separatist Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

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