FCT Council Elections: More Results

FCT Council Elections: Results

The Saturday’s FCT area council elections expectedly generated mixed occurrences and diverse reactions across the six districts.

However, here are some of the results collated and uploaded on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) election viewing portal.

In Abaji Chairmanship at Agyana/Pandagi Ward, Pandagi Primary School, PU002, the accredited voters were 122, with the APC garnering 49 votes, while the PDP won with 71 votes.

At the Nanda Primary School, PU010 the PDP and APC shared the votes of the only two accredited voters.

At Pandagi Primary School, PU009, five voters were accredited and APC won 2, with PDP winning 3.

In Nanda Primary School with 158 accredited voters, APC had 70 votes compared to the PDP’s 84 votes.
At the Agyana Accredited Voters, PU001 63 electorates were accredited and APC won 26 votes, while PDP won 31.

At Kunguni Accredited Voters, PU011, PDP won the only one voter accredited there.

In the Gwagwalada Area Council Chairmanship, at the Shanagu Lea Primary School, PU 028, Tungan Maje ward, the accredited voters were 43 with APC winning 15 votes and PDP garnering 28 votes.

At the Anagada Primary Health Care Center, also in Tungan Maje, 7 voters were accredited and APC recorded 1 vote while PDP had 6.

At Chezeko/Chezeko Primary School, Tungan Maje, PU 006, the APC won the votes of the 2 accredited voters.

At Ungwan Samu Tungan Maje Health Care Clinic, Tungan Maje, PU 032, 5 voters were accredited with APC picking 3 and PDP settling for the remaining 2 votes.

At Tungan Maje Adult Education School, PU 015 with 9 accredited voters, APC had 2 and PDP picked the remaining 7 votes.

At Shishida Primary School, Tungan Maje, PU 030, accredited voters were 56 with APC outpacing PDP with 36 votes while the later picked the 20 votes remaining.

At same Shishida primary school, PU 029 with 56 accredited voters, APC wone 36 and PDP recorded 20 votes respectively.

At the Anagada Lea Primary School Anagada, Tungan Maje, PU 034 with 11 accredited voters, APC had 9 and PDP won 2 votes apiece.

At Ungwan Samu Health Clinic, Tungan Maje, PU 024, PDP won the only 1 voter accredited.

At the Yelwan Zuba LEA primary school, PU 021, APC won 1 and PDP 3 of the total 4 accredited voters.

The PDP also won the lone accredited voter in the Tungan Maje, PU 024.

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