Fed Govt, states open talks on minimum wage review

Fed Govt, states open talks on minimum wage review

Preparatory talks over enhanced minimum wage have opened between the Federal Government and states.
The outcome of the discussions will guide the Minimum Wage Review Committee on working out a new wage for workers.

This is part of the moves to mitigate the spike in inflation, following the removal of petrol subsidy and the unification of exchange rates.

It is one of the key demands of Labour to enable workers to get succour from the pain of subsidy withdrawal.

But the position of the government is not in favour of a 100 per cent pay rise.

“There is a reference to minimum wage only, not a doubling of every worker’s salary. That is misinformation.

“It’s important that we do not get ahead of ourselves and allow the Minimum Wage Review Committee to come to its conclusions as negotiations between the federal and state governments evolve.

“What we know now is that there is consensus that an upward review of the national minimum wage is now in order,” a spokesman to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Ajuri Ngelale said last night.

Former President Muhammadu Buhari on April 18, 2019, signed the new Minimum Wage Bill of N30,000.

A few of the states are yet to implement the minimum wage, while some others, such as Imo, recently increased the minimum wage to N40,000.

Before the increase by the Buhari administration, the minimum wage was N18,000.

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