Federal Polytechnic Registrar hacked to death by gunmen

Gunmen kill Fed Poly registrar in Imo

Federal Polytechnic Registrar hacked to death by gunmen

In a tragic incident in Imo State, gunmen targeted and assassinated Innocent Obi, the Deputy Registrar of Federal Polytechnic, Uwana, Ebonyi State.

The assailants, allegedly operating under the guise of Biafra agitators, attacked Obi in the Ezeala/Ezike autonomous community in Umuezeala, Ehime Mbano Local Government Area.

Known locally as “Onye Army,” the deceased had retired from the military before taking up a role at Federal Polytechnic Uwana.

He was a candidate for the position of substantive registrar at the institution before his untimely death. The attackers, numbering over six and disguised in military and police uniforms, invaded Obi’s home around 10 p.m., causing panic and grief in the community.

One of the sources said: “They broke through the main door and started using machetes and axes on him. His cry for help attracted villagers to the scene, but the boys, who were operating on three motorcycles, started shooting consistently into the air.

The shooting forced everybody who had come out for his rescue back. And they abducted Dee Onye Army that Friday night, leaving heavy blood stains in the house.

“The villagers summoned a search party for him the following day, on Saturday. It was late Sunday afternoon that we got information about a decomposing corpse lying between Ehime Mbano and Ahiazu Mbaise.

“When our people visited the scene that Sunday, it was the dead body of our brother, Dee Onye Army, that we met. They gruesomely butchered him beyond recognition.

“Dee Onye Army was a man who ensured that any youth who wanted to go to school got admission. So many youths were given admission to his school.

He never lived like a rich man; he was always unassuming. It was now that he started building his house in the village, and that building was just within the decking stage before his death.”

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