Fight against insecurity under Tinubu successful, kudos must be given to Security Chiefs

Fight against insecurity under Tinubu successful, kudos must be given to Security Chiefs

Some Religious leaders in Kaduna State, said the fight against insecurity in the last one year of President Bola Tinubu’s leadership has recorded some successes.

The clerics stated this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in separate interviews on Wednesday in Kaduna.

The religious leaders also called for more effort to be done to achieve visible success.

Rev. John Hayab, Country Director, Global Peace Foundation of Nigeria , said the fight against insecurity in Nigeria in the last one year had recorded some successes although more efforts need to be done to increase the happy tempo.

Hayab, who was the immediate past Chairman, Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN) , Kaduna State chapter, said a lot of arrests of some notorious bandits and terrorists have been made while several others were killed.

According to him, some areas that were hitherto inaccessible due to insecurity were now accessible, adding, ”these successes have not stopped kidnapping for ransom and killing of innocent citizens.

“Kudos must be given to our gallant security chiefs and their men for what they are doing but they also need to improve their strategy and correct some wrongs going on in their system, if we want to get complete success.”

Hayab added that the government and security agencies must work hard to win the trust and confidence of the citizens so that people would willingly come out to ‘say what they see and know is happening.”

He alleged that criminals were threatening people to be silent, saying, ” because, when you open your mouth to speak, your identity will be revealed to them by bad elements among the security.

“Government should also motivate those men and women who are putting their lives on the line for the country with better incentives.

“How can a security personnel put his best or give honest service to his country when he is still not able to pay his family’s bills in spite of staying away from them for months.”
Hayab also said security was everybody’s business and Nigerians need to join hands with the government and security agencies to help secure Nigeria.

“Standing far away and only blaming others will not help to secure Nigeria.

Promoting greater unity and patriotism amongst citizens is another way to secure the country.
“Providing adequate services such as health care,affordable housing and transportations,equal job opportunities ,education and every service that makes life sweet will discourage crime and increase security, ” Hayab said.

Also, Malam Misbahudeen Raji, the Imam, Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society, Kaduna Branch, said there were some pockets of improvement in addressing security challenges .

Raji said there is a need for more efforts in order not to jeopardise the existing progress .
He called for more dedication and proactive measures from all the security agencies to achieve more positive results.

On how Nigeria can be made more secure, Raji said there is a need for gathering intelligence reports and timely utilisation of it.

He added that sincere collaborative efforts among the security agencies and the authority would also aid positive results.

Also, Fr. Onuh Ladi, Secretary, Church and Society Provincial Secretariat Kaduna, said the government would need to do more in the areas of addressing poverty, education and unemployment.

Ladi said, ”At first, it seemed like we were getting to an end of the dark days of terror by the evil people, merchants of death who held the nation by the jugular but no, they are back!

“They have continued to reign terror on innocent people, kidnapping, rapping and killing at will albeit unchallenged.

“The security situation is worsening and it is clearly moving from human security to food insecurity as well.”

He said the military and the security agencies have recorded some successes in some places but a lot needs to be done to turn the tide.
Ladi charged those with the responsibility of securing lives and properties to deploy all means possible, kinetic and non-kinetic, political solutions and the involvement of all relevant attorneys to bring this menace to an end.

On how Nigeria can be made more secure, he said,, ”Sincerity of purpose and the ability to wield the big stick, bringing culprits to justice and the Political were all key ingredients to making peace reign.

” The government must become more deliberate, even if it requires seeking help from the international community or friendly countries, to win this battle against terrorists, we will have to explore all options.” (NAN)

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