Five-man syndicate allegedly killing teenagers apprehended by Police

Five-man syndicate killing teenagers apprehended by Police

The Nigerian Police, Zamfara State Command is presently investigating the case of a car dealer, simply identified as Aminu that allegedly eats human intestines.

The arrest of the suspect according to Leadership, followed the arrest of a five-man syndicate by police allegedly killing teenagers.

In a video clip being circulated on social media the syndicate claimed to have been kidnapping children and murdering them.

In an interrogation at the Central Police Station Gusau, one of the suspects claimed to have murdered two children and removed their intestines and throat.

“We supplied the intestines and throat to a prospective buyer, at N500,000 per child,” he added.

The suspect claimed to be an orphan, but when asked if he ever regretted his actions, he said no.

The police later arrested the man who claimed to have been receiving and eating human intestines and throat.

All the suspects are being detained by the police for further interrogations as the police declined to make the matter public until investigation is concluded.

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