Footballers, Women who wear make-up will not make heaven – Mummy G.O declares

General Overseer, Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, Evang. Funmilayo Adebayo, nicknamed Mummy G.O, has reiterated her claims that footballers and women who wear makeup will not make heaven.

These doctrinal claims are part of her controversial sermons which have become a subject of debate on social media.

The controversial ‘woman of God’ backed her claims with personal interpretations she said were based on the scriptures.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin monitored by our reporter, she said: “On women wearing makeup, I did say so and that wasn’t the first time I said so.

“I’ve travelled to many Islamic countries, you will never see their women wear anything that will open their bodies.

“Even their air hostesses, the way they dress shows they fear God.

“My stance against indecency would have been supported if it was said 50 years ago.

“Then, no woman could enter a church without wearing a scarf.

‘Mummy GO’ in viral memes
“The God that frowned against women not wearing scarves, has he travelled or changed?

“A Muslim lady dare not enter a Mosque without her head covered.

“But because I preached an old message, I’ve suddenly become a criminal. The truth remains the truth even if it’s just one person saying it.

“Thousands of callers have told me that God told them to stop using makeup if they want to make heaven. The Bible doesn’t support makeup.

“Jezebel was the first woman to wear makeup in the Bible.

“If they say my preaching is too hard, are people expecting me to say the way they dress to a nightclub is allowed in the church?

“No woman shall wear what pertains to a man and no man shall wear what pertains to a woman.

Speaking on her claim that footballers will not make heaven, she said: “I’m not the only person who said that.

“We have people from Ghana who also said the same. Even white men said it too.

“Just go on Google, search for the god of soccer, it will be shown to you. Why didn’t I say the same about other sports?

“They just want to arouse every soccer lover against me.

“The event that will introduce the antichrist to the world will come through the World Cup.”

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