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Former Miss Ukraine, picks up a gun, vows to defend her Country against Russia [PHOTO]

Former Miss Ukraine, picks up a gun, vows to defend her Country against Russia [PHOTO]

Anastasiia Lenna, a former Miss Ukraine, has vowed to defend her home country from Russian forces who have invaded the region, promising that the troops “will die on our land.”

Lenna, who represented Ukraine in the 2015 Miss Grand International beauty contest, posted a video to her Instagram story on Sunday showing herself holding up an assault rifle at a shooting range.

“Training. The invaders will die on our land! All world see this! Wait and see what will happen,” Lenna wrote in the weekend post, according to The Independent.

Lenna added, “Anyone who wants to join the defence of security in Europe, the world can come and stand side-by-side with Ukrainians against the invaders of the 21st century. Ask your embassy,” the news outlet reported.

Ukraine’s government has urged its citizens to join the defence of the country after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to invade.

Ukraine has been distributing firearms to anyone who wants to fight and teaching people how to make Molotov cocktails after Russia launched a broad attack against the country last Thursday.

In a photo caption posted to Instagram on Monday, Lenna wrote, “I am not a military, just a woman, just normal human. Just a person, like all people of my country. I am also an airsoft player for years.”

The ex-beauty queen who was born in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv continued, “We will win!”

“I speak to all people of the World! Stop war in Ukraine! No people should die! We can stop all this together,” Lenna wrote.

She pleaded for others to ask NATO to “close the sky.”

“Help us, Ukrainian people, to stop Russian aggression,” Lenna wrote.

Russia’s military has faced fierce resistance from Ukrainian forces as the war enters its fifth day on Monday.

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