Today 7 June, 2023

Foundation to partner with incoming Government to enhance Police operations

Foundation to partner with incoming Government to enhance Police operations

Cleen Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has reiterated its commitment to work with the incoming administration to enhance the operations of the Nigeria Police Force

Mr Gad Peter, Executive Director, cleen foundation said this on Wednesday in Abuja at the inauguration of the foundation’s new facility and corporate headquarters.

Peter said that the new office would aid the organisation’s desire to assist the incoming administration to ensure best police practices and enchance public safety.

“The new facility situated in Utako in Abuja would now enhance our visibility and accessibility to the public and other safety, security and justice NGO.

“In the next few days we would witness the hand over to a new government and our vision and mission remains the same, which is to support the government in enhancing policing.

“Our goal is to continue to work closely with the government in terms of advice, recommendations and suggestion on how to improve the police and ensure public safety and effective administration of justice.

“The new office which is spacious would give member staff room to work without pressure or tension, or chaos; It would also provide better opportunity to physically interact with law enforcement agencies particularly the police,” he said.

Peter added: “The office would give us more room to host security stakeholders and agents to share and gather experiences on how to enhance policing in the country.
“The space which is obviously more conducive and accessible would also enhance our visibility to the public and project our capacity and capabilities to carry out researches and proffer more practical ways to policing.

“Most importantly it is a building inaugurated in honor and memory of the late founder of the foundation Mr Innocent Chukwuemeka who passed on in 2021.”

He said that the new building which earlier hosted the Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC) retired Inspector-General of Police Solomon Arase, would serve as a focal meeting point for security stakeholders meetings, forums and engagements.

Dr Atannibi Alemika, a former Chairman of the Board of directors the of the foundation, said that the inauguration of the building in honor of the late founder was commendable.

“The founder was a friend, a brother, a colleague and many more and his impacts to the foundation and through the foundation to the public are quite numerous and worthy of many honor.

“The purpose of moving to this building is to make the environment more conditional for walk in, to increase productivity and to continue to maintain the unobserved values, missions and to focus on all the activities of the foundation.

“This will now be done in a more effective and efficient way; we have made a lot of progress and the building and location would enhance better engagements with security stakeholders and better push the vision of the foundation.
“And the building which is now reflecting on the memories of the founder, is a legacy and a continum effort to promote positive impacts,” he said.

He said that the foundation had worked, was working and would continue to work with the stakeholders in the law enforcement, security and the Justice sectors to ensure improved policing and administration of justice.

Sone guests at the inauguration lauded the visibility and rapid growth of the organization and also commended its efforts in engaging with the police to curb violence before, during and after the 2023 General Elections.(NAN)


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