Four dead, seven injured as 150 years old central mosque collapses on worshippers



Tragedy struck in Kaduna State on Friday as four worshippers reportedly died after a section of the Zaria central mosque collapsed in the state.

The Cable reported that the incident occurred when the worshippers were observing prayers around 4 pm and that seven of the Muslim faithfuls also sustained injuries in the accident.

Ahmed Bamalli, Emir of Zazzau, confirmed the incident.

The emir said the walls of the mosque had developed cracks, noting that there were plans to repair them before the incident.

“We had earlier observed a crack on the wall of the mosque yesterday, and were planning to deploy a team of civil engineers to effect repairs when this unfortunate incident happened,” he said.

Bamali directed that prayers be held outside the mosque until the repairs are done.

He also instructed that the funeral prayer for the four victims be observed at 8.30 pm at the emir’s palace.

Shehu Nagari, a survivor, who narrowly escaped from being trapped said the worshippers were in the second “sujud of Asr prayer” when a portion of the mosque collapsed.

Nagari said the building collapsed on those seated directly at the section, killing the four victims.

He added that the collapsed section of the mosque, which was built with mud, had existed for over 150 years.

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