Give me his corpse – Mother who’s Son was allegedly killed by Police bullets cries out

One Evangelist Victoria Agori whose son was shot dead by an Inspector of police in 2019 has demanded that the corpse of her son be realeased to her.

Recall that the National Human Rights Commission had in December last year announced payment of monetary compensation to 27 victims of police brutality.

Although Mrs Victoria is one of the beneficiaries of the Money paid, the 51 year old Evangelist has said that the real justice for her would be when her son corpse is released to her for burial and those who killed him are fished out and prosecuted.

She also stated that getting Justice for her late son Daniel Agori has been a tough one.

According to the PUNCH, the Woman said, “It was tough. I wrote a petition to the office of the Inspector General of Police and to the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN.

“I also wrote a petition to the Commissioner of Police, Rivers and Bayelsa State Governors, the human rights group and the International Federation of Women Lawyers.

“Also, I wrote to the Senate and the House of Representatives and the Rivers State House of Assembly. I wrote petitions to help me get justice for my late son. I sent text messages for them to come to my aide.”

Mrs Agori recalled with bitterness that a team of policemen came to her house in Nkpolu, East West Road, arrested her and two of her children on May 11, 2019, accused them of armed robbery and kidnapping, manhandled them and bundled them into a vehicle to the police station

“They took us to Aluu Police station and called us armed robbers, that we were selling guns, they tormented us and shot my Son dead in my presence. No amount of money that was awarded to me will make me forget my Son that I gave birth to after nine months,” Mrs Agori stated.

On what she remembered most about her son, Mrs Agori said, “He (Daniel) usually calls me ‘Mumsy’. He will say Mummy how are you? Mumsy what do you have?

“Mumsy what are we going to eat? Mumsy I want to drink tea, please buy bread and all that. Anytime I see bread or when I am drinking tea, I always cry because he likes taking tea and bread, just like me. People that know me well can tell you about my love for tea.

“So, I cannot forget him. I want them to release hisr corpse to me. That has been my cry all these years so that I can give him a proper burial.

“Then, I am demanding that all the policemen involved in the death of my son should be prosecuted. The Nigerian constitution says anyone that kills, except you are not seen. If that person is identified he or she will be prosecuted.

“These policemen should be made to face the law and dismissed because they are not fit to wear that uniform,” she added.

She however expressed sadness that the police hierarchy was shielding her son’s killers.

“It seems like the IGP is shielding his children, the policemen from prosecution. He should not do that because he is a father,” Mrs Agori stated.

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