God will punish those linking Fulani with terrorism – Miyetti Allah fumes

God will punish those linking Fulani with terrorism – Miyetti Allah fumes

The National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Alhaji Abdullahi Bello Bodejo, has declared that God will punish anyone linking Fulani with terrorism in the country.

He made this known in an interview with The Sun newspaper recently, noting that there was nothing wrong with the Muslim- Muslim ticket, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu adopted for the 2023 election.

He said: “The problem is the people who are calling on Fulani and attributing everything negative to the race.

“If you go to the South, if you see people who want to steal cows from the herders, it is different from clashes between herdsmen and farmers.

“Nothing concerns innocent farmers with banditry, Tramadol and use of other illicit drugs; it is the same thing with the Fulani who are inside bushes and forests, he explained.

“There is nothing that concerns them with banditry, drug abuse. But the problem is that some people are joining or linking the banditry happening to Fulani. And God will punish them for linking the various terror attacks in Nigeria to the Fulani.

Speaking on the Muslim-Muslim ticket adopted by the presidential candidate of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,

Nigerians shouldn’t make the Muslim-Muslim ticket a campaign issue. There is nothing wrong with it so long as both the candidate and his running mate are competent to do the job.

“Also, there is nothing wrong if it were a Christian -Christian ticket. We are not talking of Islam or Christianity; we are talking of how to fix Nigeria. Obasanjo, a Christian picked Atiku, a Muslim as his deputy; there was Muslim and Christian crisis then at Jos. It was during the time of Governor Dariye; Yar’Adua, a Muslim, chose a Christian as his deputy, there was still crisis; Jonathan had a Muslim deputy, there was crisis and Buhari has a Christian as his deputy there is still crisis. So, there have been crises even with the combination of the two faiths.

“What should concern Nigerians are the minds of these people and not their religions. If your mind is not geared towards the good of the country, even though you are sleeping in the mosque, you are not going to be a good leader.

The same thing applies to a Christian. If your mind is not to lift the country and the people, even though you live in the church, you will be a bad leader. I plead with our Christian brothers to join hands and let us rebuild this country.

“Let’s not allow the Muslim-Muslim ticket to divide us. We are one. Nobody will stop another from practising his religion. Tinubu chose Shettima because he considered him to be the best and would be loyal,” he added.

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