Government initiates plans for Almajirais to have (ID) identity Cards

Government initiates plans for Almajirais to have (ID) identity Cards

The government of Gombe State is starting to collect information about all Tsangaya Schools and Almajirai (Islamic scholars) throughout the state. They want to change the way Almajirai education works and figure out how many there are and where they come from.

Sayyada Aminatu, who advises Governor Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya on Tsangaya Schools and Almajirai, talked about this in an interview with Daily Trust. She said her office will work with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to register all the Almajirai in the state.

They’ll give them identity cards so they can move around without any problems.

Aminatu criticised parents who leave their kids in Tsangaya schools without making proper plans for them, forcing them to take care of themselves.

She further said, “Everyone knows that the education system has changed, but these young children are seen roaming the streets and have become a nuisance at bus stops and other gatherings due to a lack of Western education.

“It is disheartening to notice almajirai spending the night in motor parks and markets. These young children have no means of survival due to the high cost of living.”

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