Governor Akeredolu can govern Ondo State from anywhere – Nigerian lawyers

Governor Akeredolu can govern Ondo State from anywhere – Nigerian lawyers

Some constitutional lawyers on Wednesday, October 18, argued that Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has the constitutional backing to govern Ondo state from anywhere in the world.

The lawyers said there has not been any disruption of governance in the state.

A human rights lawyer, Morakinyo Ogele, who spoke in Akure, said the debates surrounding the governor’s whereabouts were unnecessary, saying the Nigeria constitution does not mandate a governor to reside in the state they were elected to govern.

Ogele stated that Governor Akeredolu has fulfilled his responsibilities

He said: “We are all human beings, and we are subject to the vis major, the act of God. No one is praying to God for the grace to be sick. But the moment you are sick, you just have to take care of yourself, either here in Nigeria or in other countries. So, as governor, he is subject to sickness.

“The constitution is very clear about the issue. Now that the governor is around, nobody has accused him of not performing his constitutional role. Section 189 of the Constitution is as clear as the summer sky. As of now, no one is complaining that the governor has not been performing.

“The moment he arrived, he signed the LCDAs bill into law, and the salary of workers is going on smoothly. It is one thing not to perform his constitutional roles; it is another thing that he is performing. If he cannot perform as governor, that is where the constitution comes in.

“There are lots of lacunae in our constitution. The constitution has not indicted any governor who is not within his state to perform his constitutional roles. That is why we need to amend our constitution. The constitution has failed to address the question of whether a governor can operate from outside the state. There is nowhere in the constitution that the governor can only operate in Ondo State.

“Politicians read meaning to everything. They are preparing for another election, hence the present scenario in the state.

“As far as I’m concerned, Akeredolu has exposed this state to development. When you see all the roads constructed by his administration you will commend him for a job well done. As we speak, construction of the first flyover in the state capital is ongoing. Don’t forget he constructed one in Ore during his first term. This is unprecedented in the state.”

Another lawyer, Olayiwola Afolabi, said the Governor has not breached the constitution but that he (Akeredolu) has not addressed the public since his return from Germany.

He said, “Nobody has seen him. He has not come out to say he is alive. He can govern from anywhere but he must come out for the people to see him.”

David Ebriku, on his part, said there was no law forcing Akeredolu to resume or reside in Ondo state, saying the law allows the governor to rule the state from the diaspora.

He said things have been going well in the state.

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