Group accuses opposition Govs, of sponsoring banditry; threatens to reveal identities

Supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari have accused Politicians and Governors of the opposition parties of sponsoring the activities of bandits in the country, and as such, the group have issued a 2 weeks ultimatum to members of the parties to call off all attacks by their alleged militia groups or else their identities will be revealed.

According to the supporters, under the #IStandWithBuhari movement, there are hard evidence in their possession which shows that some Politicians and Governors in other parties are involved in banditry and terrorism.

Speaking with journalists, the leader of the group, Ifeanyi Nonso, said that should the Governors and Politicians of the opposition parties fail to call their militias off, they will reveal their identities.

Nonso said, “Some disgraceful opportunists and vengeful individuals who had been exposed, disgraced and in some cases convicted of looting public funds, who see Nigeria’s treasury as their feeding bottle which had been taken away from their lips since 2015, are now applying all the resources they accumulated during their 16 years reign of zero-accountability to fight dirty, sensing that if President Buhari is allowed to succeed in clearing up all their mess and setting us back on the right course, they will not be able to have any role again to play in the new Nigeria.”

“It is rather sad and disheartening that these individuals and pressure groups do not mind sponsoring deaths of thousand of their fellow citizens, kidnapping young kids and even raping & murdering them, while sabotaging efforts by our armed forces, so they can politicise issues on insecurity to create chaos and possibly bring down the government and push Nigeria into an ethnic war.”

“Finally, we have in our possession some classified information that details some of the plans put in place by members of the opposition to further politicise the security situation in the country so as to score cheap political goals.”

“We also have a list of their names from state governors down to political influencers, youth organisations and clandestine organisations under their payroll through which they wish to unleash more terror in some volatile states especially in the south. We have identified you all, we have your residential addresses down to your villages, “he added.

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