Group gives govt 14 days to open trial of senior Police officer for torturing suspect to death

The Coalition of Concerned Civil Society Organisations (CCCSO) has given Rivers State Attorney General 14 days to open trial against a Superintendent of Police identified as Benson Abisoye, for alleged torture to death of Chima Ikwunado in Port Harcourt, back in 2019.

CRIMECHANNELS gathered that CCCSO, in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Justin Ameachi, said it would escalate a second wave of national and global anger on the case of Ikwunado if the Rivers Attorney General and other relevant authorities ignore the 2 weeks ultimatum.

Ameachi said, “On December 2019, Ikwunado was acknowledged dead at the Mile1 Police Station torture chambers of the Rivers Police Command’s Eagle Crack Unit then headed by SP Benson Abisoye.”

He revealed that 4 other persons arrested with the deceased narrowly escaped death.

“The autopsy report on the deceased Ikwunado, corroborated by the 4 others who survived the ordeal asserted that Ikwunado died of severe brutality dealt on the Ikoku 5 by the dreaded E-Crack Unit for offences a Port Harcourt court ruled as trumped, baseless and unfounded.”

“Unfortunate only 4 out of 6 indicted police officers are consequently facing prosecution, whilst SP Benson (Commander of the E-Crack Unit) was redeployed and promoted, the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) never been charged in any court of competent jurisdiction.”

“The Coalition is perturbed by the unconscionable manner relevant government institutions are handling such important matters with political considerations. Our position is that there is inequality in the administration of justice in Nigeria, that redress/justice is incomplete if all suspects involved in the torture are not prosecuted.”

“The immediate Commanding Officer of the Unit Concerned of security or law enforcement agencies is held liable to the crime for the act of omission or negligence that may lead to torture by his subordinates”

“We call on the Attorney General of Rivers, the Nigeria Police and the prosecution team to swiftly take the right action to prosecute SP Benson Abisoye and the IPO to respect the rule of law and win the trust of the people to see justice for Ikwunado and entire humanity affected by this heinous, immoral acts of the erring police officers.”

“The Coalition gives the Attorney General of Rivers and other relevant authorities 14-day ultimatum to open prosecution of SP Abisoye to avoid a second wave of multiple escalations of this matter both nationally and internationally.”

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