Hospital sealed off for conducting Cesarean operatiom without having a Theatre

Hospital sealed off for conducting Cesarean operatiom without having a Theatre

A private hospital identified as Lafiya Bestcare Specialist Hospital in Kinshasha area of Kaduna State has been sealed up by the state government after an expectant mother died at the hospital during her delivery period.

The hospital were said to have carried out a Cesarean Section (CS) on the deceased without an operation theatre, which reportedly led to her death, but the baby survived.

Speaking on the incident, the chairman of Kaduna State Private Health Establishment Committee that stormed the hospital after the incident, Dr Mark Anthony, noted that the hospital was not certified to carry out any major operation by the State Ministry of Health because it lacks the basic requirements to do so.

He said his committee got a tip-off from an anonymous person that a woman had gone through a major operation at the hospital and died within 12 hours.

“After carrying out our preliminary investigation, we realised that though the facility was accredited by the Ministry of Health, based on their structure and minimum standard they have, they do not have a theatre but they can carry out minimal surgeries that they can meet up with.

“But unfortunately, they had major surgery, and a cesarean section was done and after delivery, the mother died but the baby was alive and was taken to another hospital where they manage pediatric patients.

“So, because of what has happened, we have to seal off the hospital to allow for further investigation to confirm why they did that because Kaduna State cannot condone a situation where facilities will be going beyond approvals of what services they should provide,” he said.

Dr Mark Anthony said if the doctor who carried out the operation is found wanting after further investigation, he would be reported to all the regulatory bodies for sanctioning.

As of press time, the doctor in charge of the hospital has not issued an official reaction to the government’s action.

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